Our screening services.

Our range of services, industry leading screening technology and understanding of the candidate journey makes us the ideal screening partner. 

Our screening is conducted across 12 sectors, with circa 150 vetting coordinators working throughout our 52 UK offices, utilising a secure white label technology platform to ensure vetting is conducted in a controlled, compliant and measured manner.  

We currently have an average time to clear of 7.8 days across all of our industry sectors and maintain in advance of 98% against SLA delivery annually.

We offer a wide range of screening services across twelve specialist sectors. This allows us to provide a comprehensive, tailored service that will ensure your business remains protected. We regularly provide bespoke screening services to specialised sectors such as Aerospace and Defence, Nuclear and Banking.

Right to work / including fraudulent passport checks

Failure to conduct proper RTW checks that adhere strictly to national guidelines could result in you, the employer being penalised and could put the wider business at risk. Our RTW service, which includes an Amberhill level identification process, accesses governmental and public databases to ensure every candidate screened is safe and legal to work in the UK.

Address verification

This is a standard but essential screening process that many employers are required to undertake. Our integrations with national databases allow us to search any property in the UK and identify the current occupant. Any unverified properties, or properties with no listed occupant will be flagged for secondary verification.

Employment history / referencing

Attaining verified past employment references from candidates can be a time-consuming project for an employer to undertake. However, our team of screening specialists, twinned with our market-leading technology platform allows us to implement swift and verified referencing processes that will ensure every candidate’s employment history is represented truthfully.

Educational / professional accreditation checks

We understand that for many employers offering specialised roles, ensuring that the candidate possesses the right educational level / professional qualification is essential for the hiring process. Our database allows us to verify a candidates highest educational and professional qualification then cross-reference those with your specific requirements. This means that every candidate put forward will have the exact qualifications required for the role.

Fraud checks

For those employers specialising in the banking and finance sectors, ensuring that a candidate has no fraudulent or illegal financial history is often essential.  Our integration with the National Fraud Database enables us to accurately identify any history of fraud on an individual. This allows you to make safe hiring decisions that will benefit the wider business.

Basic, standard and enhanced criminal record checks

Our criminal record screening processes are fully integrated with the Disclosure Scotland, Access NI and UK DBS databases. With this extensive data we can identify any individual’s criminal history including convictions, cautions and reprimands. We cover every level of DBS check and can provide bespoke checks for employers with more specific requirements.

National / international credit checks

Our credit check processes are designed to facilitate every search level, from basic to enhanced credit history searches. Our team of screening experts will identify a wide variety of adverse credit history including any: IVA’s, CCJ’s, bankruptcies, defaults and account arrears. We can provide more granular checks based on data provided by the CIAS, this allows us to produce a full holistic view of a candidates past and current financial and credit records.

Sanctions checks

We use over 2,000 data sources to identify any current and historical sanctions a candidate may have against them. Our processes are in line with the guidelines set by the UK Sanctions Regime and include integrations with some of the largest sanction databases across the world.

Social media checks

Social media is playing an increasingly important role in the hiring process for many employers. Our dedicated team run comprehensive social media checks on candidates to ensure their activity in no way could jeopardise your company’s image / reputation. Our checks also provide employers with a more personal and accurate impression of their candidates.

DVLA checks

Our DVLA screening process ensures that the candidate does not possess a driving history that could be at detriment to their performance in work and that could harm the reputation of your company. Our processes include: validating driving licenses, identifying points on license and any driving offences, including impaired driving and speeding charges.

Directorship checks

With access to both UK and international records, we can identify any current or past directorships held by a candidate. Our sources also enable us to identify any adverse history and sanctions.

Occupational health checks

Our occupational health team provide impartial health checks designed to fairly assess a candidates physicality. The checks are fully in line with modern diversity and inclusivity guidelines.   

Our innovative solution will allow you to reduce your team administration by up to 40%.

What makes us different?

The Morson Screening Technology Platform

Our screening technology platform makes screening quick, intuitive and audit-able.  

Our innovative solution will allow you to reduce your team administration by up to 40%.

Other key system benefits include:

White labelled platform

– the candidate experiences a platform which looks and feels like the end customers brand, from text, tone, colour and logo.

Cloud based technology

– the platform is accessible from mobile, tablet or laptop.


 full reporting capability including ED&I reporting. Reporting can produced in a time frame suitable to you and your business.


– client specific forms (DocuSign or wet signature) can be built into the platform.

Intuitive platform

– the easy to navigate platform asks the candidate a series of concise questions and allows them to save information and return at a late date.


– candidate consent is recorded and time stamped at the beginning of the journey and stored on the system for as long as the candidates details remain with Morson.

Single portal

– only one portal is required for all checks. Additional checks such as DBS, financial report or sanctions checks are run through the platform.

Our range of services, industry leading screening technology and understanding of the candidate journey makes us the ideal screening partner.

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